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Reccodo is an AI powered tool that can recognize needs and interests of the end consumer of an online store in real time. This way it can recommend products that are relevant to their needs but also in line with the product range and business priorities of the store.

get prepared for BFCM

Black Friday Checklist (Special Hacks Edition)

Consumers prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday months ago by saving money or being patient and waiting until November to do their shopping.   But how important are

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and You. Reccodo. What is AI?

Big Data, AI and You

Over the past few years, you’ve been hearing terms like ‘Big Data’, ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ / ‘Machine Learning (ML)’, but what do they mean and

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Learn the secret recipe that succesful ecommerces have used to find customers and grow their revenue.