So… okay… you already know from our homepage that Reccodo is your eCommerce secret revenue driver. But what does this mean exactly and how does it work?

Grab a cup of coffee and let me take it from the beginning! 😉  

What is Reccodo? 

Reccodo is an AI powered tool that can recognize needs and interests of the end consumer of an online store in real time. This way it can recommend products that are relevant to their needs but also in line with the product range and business priorities of the store. 

What happens is that we identify each visitor of the e-shop using their cookie, either they are already signed in or they are anonymous. Then we monitor the user behavior on the website, what they are looking for, how much time they spend on which page, their basket events, etc. 

Based on these, we are able to gather valuable information about the user so that we can create a fine-grated customer persona. Then, with these data and by using our AI algorithms, we can recommend to each user products that are relevant to their needs and wishes, which means products that they will most likely want to buy. We personalize the product recommendations to each e-shop customer. 

Let’s get into the details! 😊 

Why personalization is important

Personalization on your website is important because it provides relevance. The same way that you would treat your customer in your physical store, the same way you need to treat them online to give them a consistent experience. You wouldn’t recommend the exact same product to all your customers, right? 

Moreover, personalization helps with their online customer experience and their trust to your store. Customers are 50% more likely to buy from an e-shop that provides personalization services and 81% of the consumers prefer brands that do so. 

Last but not least, do not forget that people nowadays are always in a rush and if you help them reduce their decision time you are the one to win. On top of that, if you show them what they need and based on your business priorities, you actually help them make decisions in your favor. 

Our services 

Reccodo’s philosophy is that you need to treat every customer as unique, and we help e-shops do exactly this. With our services the e-shops can improve the customer experience and consequently increase their sales!  

Reccodo currently offers three services for online stores. Based on AI algorithms, we can show to your customers personalized product recommendations based on their customer persona and offer dynamic personalized bundles to complement their chosen products. Moreover, we provide them with personalized search results to help them find easier what they are looking for on your e-shop. 

  1. Personalized Product Recommendations 

With Reccodo’s personalized product recommendations you can show to your customers  products most relevant to them, based on their needs and wishes. As mentioned above, customers prefer brands that use personalization in their e-shop so it is clear that by showing personalized product recommendations you can increase the customer satisfaction. Based on your preferences for your e-shop, we can place recommendation in different pages of your e-shop, like the homepage, product page, category page or check-out page, while following a different approach on each of them. 

Our AI algorithms are tailored to your priorities and business strategies. This means that we can show recommendations based on the strategy you follow, and you can configurate this easily from your customization panel. Our recommendations will be different in case you want to push stock, push a brand, upsell or cross-sell and even promote specific categories. 

A very simple example, there is a customer that is interested on t-shirts. You are following a push brand strategy. The t-shirts that will appear in the recommendations will be from the brand that you want to push. If there are only 2 t-shirts in this brand, then these 2 will be the first recommendations and the rest will be from other brands.  

  1. Smart Cross-Sales Suggestions 

You know how every time you go to a physical store there is a salesperson that will recommend products to match what you plan on buying? Well, this is what our smart cross-sales suggestions do. 

Based on the product that the customer is looking at but also based on their profile, our engine will recommend products that are usually bought together. This means frequent item sets, products that are usually bought together, like a mobile case with a mobile phone. 

Moreover, we can create bundles with offers that will attract the customers and even show recommendations on the check-out page. 

We analyze the customers’ shopping behavior and help you engage even with new customers based on the general trend. Large number of shopping baskets are analyzed to provide insight on popular items that customers enjoy together.

Our smart cross-sales suggestions can really make a difference in your e-shop and increase the basket value of your customers. 

  1. Personalized Search Results (eCommerce Search)

Of course, the search results in your search bar are quick. But what about also making them relevant? We have developed a way to be able to show to your website visitors personalized results that will convert them to buyers. 

Every time a user types something on the search bar, we autocomplete to make it faster for them but also check the synonyms of what they are looking. Moreover, we can neglect any mistakes when typing and show them the correct results (fuzzy match). 

Most importantly, the results that come out reflect the user’s preferences, as they are based on their history and views on the website before. If the user is already logged in, then they are a known user, and we can already show personalized results. If not, then they would have to navigate a little bit on the website. In case there is no history of the user, we show the most popular items based on what they search. 

And what if there is no match for their search? In that case, we can show them the most popular, items in offer, recommendations for them based on previous searches. 

In any case, our goal is to engage with the user as much as possible, and by doing so we are able to convert this user to a potential customer. 

Integration and Plug ins 

Integrating Reccodo is easy, quick and hassle free! We will only need some of your precious time to give us all the necessary information to set everything up and you will be ready to go in just 1 day! 

 Just follow the steps below: 

  • Generate your live XML or JSON product feed
  • Setup Reccodo tags for basket tracking 
  • Copy paste the code we provide to you in your web pages

Do you have a Magento store? Well… even better! We have created a plug-in for you to make the integration even easier and faster! 

Reccodo is compatible with all major eCommerce platforms, a.k.a. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and OpenCart. 

You can see more here

Our results 

One of your goals as an e-shop owner is to make your customers feel unique. And our goal in Reccodo is to help you achieve this. By doing this, you can increase your sales and your customer experience, which means the customers will keep coming back. 

Personalization can really boost your sales, and the results of our clients are here to prove it: 

  • Up to 11% increase in CTR
  • Engagement with 10% of the traffic
  • 3x conversion rate for the users that engaged with Reccodo 
  • 25% increase on the mean basket value 

Yes, it is that simple! Reccodo can help you have these results on your e-shop too! 

Moreover, our clients keep getting better reviews for their services and their customers share their experience with others. What better marketing is there than word of mouth? 

Free trial

You don’t have to take our word for the results of our services. You can just see it for yourself. We provide free trial for all our services! 

  • 1-month free trial for our personalized product recommendations
    You can try this feature for a full month after our algorithms have been trained to recognize the behavior of your customers.  This will normally take 1-2 weeks. 
  • 2-weeks free trial for our ecommerce search feature 

Why Reccodo

Recommendation systems technologies are already mature, and they have proven results. It is, of course, expected that there are already some other tools that make recommendations. 

However, Reccodo is unique because it:

  • promotes your business strategies
  • is easy to adjust your widgets whenever you need 
  • generates universal customer behavior profiles
  • offers native look and feel so it is in harmony with your website
  • is easy to use and flexible (plug and play widget, JS API integration)
  • supports multilingual websites
  • is responsive by default
  • provides real time analytics
  • is cloud based and on demand service
  • has a great team

Just try our tool out and let us prove to you that we are the best! 💪

Our team 

Behind every new idea and product, there is a dynamic team that is always ready to push its limits and bring great results. With a versatile background ranging from engineering to marketing, our team consists of fully committed people that are here to guide you through the integration process, support in case there is an issue, monitor your results and is always ready to receive feedback and create new features. 

Reccodo team is our most valuable asset! 

Contact us

We are always here to help you and answer your questions. You can contact us: 

The Company

The company behind our team, is Oktabit, a leading company in the IT market. Oktabit has been active in Greece since 1992, with headquarters in Athens and a branch in Thessaloniki, and specializes in the sale of branded IT and telecommunications products to local manufacturers and resellers. Through flexible procedures, know-how, digitized information and continuous improvement in the services offered, the company responds directly to the needs of its partners and is a reference point among companies in the industry. In the 28 years of its successful presence in the Greek IT market, Oktabit daily redefines the concepts of stability, reliability, promptness and quality service and professional and personal development, in the competitive environment in which it operates.

In the last couple years, Oktabit, actively invests in new technologies. That is why, it has created the R&D department, which aims to provide specialized services in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The first tool that is created is Reccodo, which offers affordable access to advanced technologies on demand and a flexible platform that holds knowledge of your customers, able to build value added services on top of it.

Georgia Papaioannou
Business Development Manager at Reccodo 

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