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Introduction to KPIs

I am sure you have heard before that knowledge is power. The biggest companies in the world are successful because of the knowledge they gain

eCommerce personalization pitfalls

eCommerce Personalization Pitfalls and how to fix them

Personalization is vital for every e-business to improve the customers’ experience and increase conversion rates.   Nowadays, 89% of digital businesses invest in personalization. (Forrester)  However, not all businesses have the

neuromarketing in eCommerce

Neuromarketing in eCommerce

Neuromarketing – What is it?  Neuromarketing is a substance field in marketing which is based on the consumer brain and helps to measure the responses of consumers and how they

The Aftermath of Covid-19 in eCommerce

Digital transformation on eCommerce was already a part of our life but due to Covid-19 it skyrocketed all of a sudden. According to McKinsey, 10 years of e-commerce

personalization. from zero to hero.

Personalization in eCommerce. From Zero to Hero.

Providing eCommerce personalization is not easy but at the same time it is the key to increase your profits by at least 15%. Personalizing your site is a clever way to

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