You are in Control

Drive the customer journey and monitor the results hassle-free!

Fill 14 CopyMonitoring

A fully featured dashboard will help you monitor the performance of Reccodo. Easy to use with no complicated menus. In your dashboard you can have a general overview of the service, set up your widgets, find how-to guides and much more!

For those who want to dive deeper, there are more detailed quantitative analytics regarding the volume of queries and how users interact with the search widget. Additionally, you may follow the qualitative results to better understand what the users are looking for in your website.


Fill 14 CopyContinuous Product Feed Updates

Reccodo super crawlers guarantee that we get updated on item availability prices almost in real time.

Verify that your product catalogue is up-to-date and avoid showing items that are out of stock.

Fill 14 CopyBusiness Strategies

Every business has unique and different priorities. Through a simple drop-down menu on your dashboard, you can choose from a variety of strategies to reflect in your product recommendations.

Exploit the opportunity to do upselling, cross-selling, push a brand or clear your inventory by pushing stock items. Custom built strategies may also be developed on the spot.

Fill 14 CopyCustom CSS

Use your brand’s fonts and colors and create a native look-and-feel for your widget.

Through custom CSS support, the product recommendation appearance is in harmony with your e-shop.

Fill 14 CopyOffers that catch the eye

Don’t lose the opportunity to engage with your customers also on the search bar!

Get advantage of showing special offers and increase your conversions!