eCommerce Search

Guide your users to the shopping cart in just 2 clicks!

Present the best results automatically as the user types on your search bar based on their intent and interests.

Build a great user experience  starting from the search bar!

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People don’t have time. Customers want to just find the product they need and complete the purchase as quick as possible. Present to your customers product results that they will most likely buy, ignoring any spelling mistakes and based on their needs!

Engage with your audience and drive their shopping journey through personalized search results!

Be Relevant

With Reccodo, you can analyze and return contextual results that are relevant to your user. Avoid showing products that match the text typed on the search bar.

Companies with high quality site search see 4.6x success!

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Address to your customers 1-to-1

Identify each of your customers, treat them as unique and return search results that they wish to see and will most probably end up in a purchase.

Based on users’ behavior, Reccodo can classify the users and their intents and dynamically sort the items based on the likelihood of the user to buy them!

Drive conversions with suggested search terms

Reduce the time to purchase with auto-suggest!

Ignore typos and present products on the same screen as the user types. With predictive algorithms, Reccodo delivers suggestions which will most likely convert to purchases.

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Grab the opportunities

Suggest relevant or frequently bought together products, even if the search results are empty. Do not let the customers leave with empty cart, whether you are just out of stock or you don’t merchandise the queries product.

There are always opportunities to engage!

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Native look n' Feel

Reccodo uses your eCommerce design and becomes an integral part of your store, unlike most Marketing plugins.


Integrates with your website in just a few minutes. Compatible with all major eCommerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart)

Mobile Friendly

Generate revenue through a mobile responsive design.

Is your eCommerce set up for Growth?

Answer the key questions and find out ideas that will skyrocket your customer experience!

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We’d be happy to help and answer all your questions.

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