Your Secret Revenue Driver

Boost your sales by creating personalized experiences that will turn your users into loyal customers, with personalized product recommendations and search results.

ecommerce personalization engine

Fill 14 CopyReccodo powers the world’s
fastest growing eCommerce stores

Fill 14 CopyUpsell and Cross-Sell with the Power of AI

Present the most relevant products to your customers based on current and past behavior.

Increase the basket value with upsell and cross-sell product recommendations!  

Reccodo’s clients have seen 25% increase on mean basket value!

Cross-sell and upsell personalization
dynamic bundles ecommerce

Fill 14 CopyAutomate your Bundles

Predict possible product combinations and present them as a bundle.

Drive higher basket value by automatically providing complementary products to your customers and creating a seamless experience!

With Reccodo you get up to 3x conversion rate!

Fill 14 CopyPersonalize your Search Bar

Make your search bar count!

Present the most relevant products on your search bar and keep your customers engaged with your brand. Our product recommendations can be extended to suggest items as-they-type on the Search Bar.


search bar ecommerce personalization
AI personalized recommendations

Fill 14 CopyAccelerate growth with A.I. recommendations​

Harness the power of your traffic data and web analytics, tailor the experience of your customers to their needs, engage with them and turn visitors into buyers.

Experience a 12.5% increase in user engagement, just like our clients!

Fill 14 CopyRead what our customers say... 

Fill 14 CopyWorks with all major eCommerce store platforms 

Is your eCommerce set up for Growth?

Answer the key questions and find out ideas that will skyrocket your customer experience!

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Detailed Analytics

We analyze shoppers’ online activity and show you what each customer truly wants.

Advanced Personalization

Reccodo can recommend relevant products to every shopper, every time.

Extremely fast

Hosted in the cloud, Reccodo has almost zero downtime and you can start and stop it on demand.


Integrates with your website in just a few minutes. Compatible with all major eCommerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart)

Native look n' Feel

Reccodo uses your eCommerce design and becomes an integral part of your store, unlike most Marketing plugins

Mobile Friendly

Generate revenue through a mobile responsive design.

Fill 14 CopyBoost your eCommerce store’s revenue

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Shopping moments personalized
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Increase in User engagement
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Get started with Reccodo

Fill 14 CopyTurn your data into sales!​

Personalize your eCommerce store.

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