Dynamic Bundles

Increase your basket size with Reccodo’s “Bought Together” Recommendations. Reccodo helps you identify merchandise opportunities in items sold together. Recommend items to your users even without prior personal knowledge.

Fill 14 CopyWhat are Dynamic Bundles 

It’s simple, a customer that buys a shirt will most likely want trousers with it. But, how do you intelligently offer product combinations to customers?

Easy, just use Reccodo!

Reccodo provides an easy to install service that analyses customers shopping behaviour and helps you engage new customers based on the general trend.
Large number of shopping baskets are analysed to provide insight on popular items that customers enjoy together.

Use Reccodo to achieve better customer engagement for new visitors and bigger baskets.

Dynamic Bundles

Usually bought together items reveal regularities between products and can be used to drive promotional pricing, product placements and customer segmentation. Let the data suprise you!


Reach to your visitors for additional selling of relevant or close related products. Accessories and add-ons increase revenues but also strengthens the relationship between your business and customers. Reduce the risk that cross-selling involves by using Reccodo’s predictive analytics!

Big data service

In order to identify and recommend “usually bought together” products to your customers, you need big data infrastructure and algorithms. The market shifts quickly and you should catch the hype while it is hot. Use Reccodo’s analytics to recommend popular products in real time as they evolve.


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Native look n' Feel

Reccodo uses your eCommerce design and becomes an integral part of your store, unlike most Marketing plugins.


Integrates with your website in just a few minutes. Compatible with all major eCommerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart)

Mobile Friendly

Generate revenue through a mobile responsive design.

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