How to Implement your Sales Strategies with Reccodo Widgets

Product recommendation engines have become very powerful on eCommerce world. More and more online stores have already implemented these engines to create a unique customer experience for their users but also to boost their sales.

Customers love the personal touch that personalized product recommendations offer. They want to feel unique and to be treated in a personal manner.

Think about it! You visit a physical store and the salesperson shows interest to you. They propose additional products or accessories that complete your outfit based on what you are looking for and what you most likely want to see next.

With personalized product recommendations you can suggest to your customers highly relevant products to offer them online the same experience as the one they have offline. By implementing product recommendation widgets on different pages of your e-shop you can smartly create multiple touch points of the shopping process.

Customers can realize how lucky they are to navigate in an e-shop with such tools. In addition, they will realize your intention as a business owner to meliorate their experience and navigation through the shopping process and appreciate it.

But, what about the business owners and their intention for sales?!

Every business has unique and different priorities. In Reccodo we can adapt your business priorities on your widgets’ functionality. You can choose from a variety of strategies to reflect in your product recommendations. Through a simple drop-down menu on your dashboard, you can exploit the opportunity to do upselling, cross-selling, push a brand or clear your inventory by pushing stock items.

Here’s a dashboard screenshot to have a better understand of your choices.

But… let’s take a deeper look in the strategies that Reccodo offers you and the value these can add to your business.


Every customer is unique and should be treated this way. Imagine an e-shop which can provide a virtual shop assistant 24/7. By using a personalized recommendation system, you can achieve this.   

Based on the combination of AI and Machine Learning, the algorithms create small groups of personas and to each group it shows products which are relevant to their needs and wishes. The recommendations provide items that the customers are more likely to buy. As a result, online shopping becomes easy and quick, and the customer experience improves drastically. 

The default setting of the recommendation widget follows exactly the above philosophy. After the algorithms are trained and have learned your visitors, Reccodo will recommend specific suggestions based on the user’s needs and wishes from all the product range of your e-shop.    


In general, upselling refers to proposing to purchase a better version of the product, usually more expensive than the initial. Upselling is working well, for example, on e-shops with technology items.  

You are a customer and you want to buy a laptop. A good widget with up-sell strategy on it recommends you a more expensive laptop close to the specifications of your search. Reccodo’s upselling widget will recommend products that are personalized to the customer’s needs but also satisfy your specific sales strategy 

Upselling can really give you value and enhance trust and loyalty. Once your customers buy the upsell items you recommend to them -and they like them- their trust and loyalty for your brand will skyrocket 

In addition, upselling can increase the order value in the short-term and the lifetime value of a customer in the long run. 


Cross-selling is a marketing tactic that generates more sales by suggesting additional or complementary items. In Reccodo we believe that cross-selling is vital to increase your e-shop’s revenue and directly impacts the average basket value. The benefits of this tactic are many, not only on customer experience but also on sales field.  

Through the cross-sales widgets, you can motivate customers to purchase additional products. This technique is applied during the buying process 

Promote Stock 

In many situations, shops have a big stock of products in their inventories. As a result, they want to ‘’get rid of it’’ or ‘’clean it’’. On the physical store a salesperson can easily promote these items to the customers. But what happens on an online store? 

Reccodo’s widgets can do the job like a virtual shop assistant. Just choose this strategy from the dropdown menu and we will give priority for the personalized recommendations to the stock items! 

Push Brand 

Reccodo wants to be in complete collaboration with your other marketing actions. A lot of e-shops collaborate with a specific brand for a special offer or a specific period. Our widgets can also help you with this. If you have a specific brand, which you are currently promotingyou can easily optimize the widget to recommend items of this brand with priority 

In this way, Reccodo contributes in other marketing actions and boost your sales! 


As a good business owner, you are taking care of your customers by providing them with special discounts, offers and in general with something that it’s going to attract their attention.  recommendation with offer

Grab the opportunity to provide them with special personalized offers even on your widgets! 


This kind of strategy has a secret power.  

As a business owner you know what products are selling more. Use this widget to promote a specific category which increases your revenue. After all it’s all about sales. 

But…even if you have a category which is not your ace up your sleeve and visitors have not discovered it yet, you can promote it using this widget! 

Do you realize what this widget can do for you?!  🤩 


Wrapping Up 

Reccodo is a knowledge platform based on new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, is flexible and can be easily adapted to the needs of any business. In this article we provided you with some business strategies that are very popular based on our experience.  

However, custombuilt strategies may also be developed on the spot! 

Just keep in mind that Reccodo team is always ready to listen and adapt, and why not to develop new strategies. 

Feel free to contact us at to discuss what can we do for you and give value to your business. 


Afroditi Tsaparoglou 

Sales Executive at Reccodo 

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