Privacy Policy

OKTABIT S.A. (“OKTABIT”) respects your privacy and processes your personal data in accordance with applicable personal data protection laws and GDPR. The scope of this privacy policy is to help you understand what personal information we collect, how we process, protect and share them, and how an individual may control them. By accessing our site and / or disclosing to us your personal information about yourself or your affiliates as part of our business relations, you consent to the practices described in this privacy policy.

Please read the following carefully to learn more about the OKTABIT’s Privacy Policy (“the Policy”).


  • Products”: the software and hardware we sell or deliver to our customers.
  • “Services”: pre- and post-sale services and other services relating to products controlled by us, whether online or offline
  • “Personal data”: any information that may be used individually or in combination with other information to identify or locate a subject. Personal data may refer to name, address, email address, IP address, telephone number and VAT number. Please note that personal data do not include information that has been anonymized.
  • “Cookies”: small chunks of information stored by the browser on your computer’s hard drive that allow us to identify your computer while browsing our online services.

1. To whom does this Policy apply?

This Policy applies to any individual for whom OKTABIT collects and processes its personal data as data controller or processor.

For example:

  • Our customers and their employees.
  • Visitors to our site.
  • Third Parties Contacting Us.
  • Company’s trading partners
  • End users of our customers

2. What personal data do we collect?

We collect personal data that you provide directly to us, personal data generated when you visit our site, and personal data from our business partners. We do not collect personal data that discloses racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, and any other sensitive data set forth by applicable data protection law.

• Personal data you provide directly to us

You provide us with direct contact information and other personal data when you interact with us through various methods, for example, when you make a phone call, email, complete a visit to the company website, attend a conference call, set up a company account or have a business transaction with us.

• Personal data created on our site

Some of your personal data may be automatically created while you visit our site, for example, the IP address of your device. Our online services may use cookies or other similar technologies to collect such data

• Personal data coming from our partners

In some cases, we may collect your personal data from our business partners, such as our distributors or resellers, who may collect this data either from you, within your business relationship or from their business partner.

3. How can we use your personal information?

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Conduct marketing and communication activities with you.
  • Provision of services and technical support.
  • Providing updates and upgrades to our products and services.
  • Providing information based on your needs and responding to your requests.
  • To manage and improve our products and services.
  • To improve the evaluation of our products and services.
  • For internal purposes and solely for the purposes of service, fraud and abuse prevention or other public security related purposes.

4. How do we protect your personal data?

The security of your personal data is extremely important to us. We have taken the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, to prevent any form of loss, arbitrary use, modification and / or destruction. For example, we use access control mechanisms to allow only authorized access to your personal data, cryptographic technologies for the confidentiality of personal data, and protection mechanisms to prevent system attacks.

People who have access to your personal data on our behalf have a duty of confidentiality, including the rules of conduct and the rules of professional practice.

We retain your personal data only for the necessary period to achieve the objectives set forth in this policy and in compliance with applicable data protection law. We strive to ensure that unnecessary data is deleted or anonymized as soon as possible.

5. How do we share your personal information?

OKTABIT does not sell, rent or exploit your personal information. We may share information about you with our business partners, service and product providers, authorized third party agents and contractors (collectively “third parties”), your organization’s account managers and / or our affiliates for any of them purposes stated in this policy.

In the event that a third party processes your personal data as being processed on behalf of our company and therefore acts at our request and in accordance with our instructions, we enter into a twoway data processing agreement with third parties that meets the specified requirements and requirements on data protection legislation.

6. How can you control your personal data?

You may control your personal data in the following ways:

  • You have the right to know what kind of personal information we hold.
  • You may request to correct, supplement, delete or exclude your personal data if it is incorrect, incomplete or processed in violation of any lawful provision. If you choose to delete your personal information, you should be aware that we may retain some of it to the extent necessary to prevent fraud and abuse and / or compliance with legal or tax requirements as required by law.
  • You have the right, at any time and at no cost, to unsubscribe from our contact lists if you no longer wish to receive information and technical support.
  • You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. We will act to stop processing as required by law. We will continue to process your personal data only where there are reasonable and compelling reasons that go beyond your interests, rights and freedoms or are related to the exercise or documentation of a legal action.

7. Our contacts and complaints process

If you have any questions about this policy or if you wish to exercise your rights to control your personal information, please contact us by sending an email to

If you believe we have violated this policy or any applicable data protection laws, you can file a complaint by emailing us at Please provide us with specific details of your complaint as well as the necessary evidence. We will investigate the issue and determine the steps needed to properly resolve the issue. We may contact you to request additional information and / or to inform you of the outcome of the investigation.

8. Personal information about children

Our products and services are not intended for children under the age of 13 nor do we knowingly collect personal information from children without the consent of their parents / guardians. If you find that a child has provided us with personal information without your permission, you can notify us at If you notify us or find that we have collected personal information from children under the age of 13, we will delete this data as soon as possible.

9. Changes to this policy

This Policy may be revised at any time.

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